Bella Quilting Prices

Binding Batting Backing Miscellaneous T-shirt Quilt

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Edge to Edge Designs

One design quilted repeatedly across the entire quilt top from edge to edge
This includes simple pantographs and large meandering

.016 cents per square Inch


Edge to Edge Outline and Meander Designs

Your applique or quilt block designs are outlined and then
large meandering is quilted in the blank spaces

.018 cents per square Inch

Petite Edge to Edge or Freehand Designs

A pantograph or freehand design which is more
intricate than the Edge to Edge designs

.020 cents per square Inch

Custom Freehand Quilting

Generally the specialized quilt design is quilted into the
main part of the quilt and the borders are done separately.
This includes Individual Motifs, extensive Outlining, 1/4 inch Outlining,
Echoing the quilt design or applique pattern and Crosshatching

.025 cents per square Inch

Freehand Stippling in addition to any Design

.010 cents per square Inch

Machine Basting for Hand Quilters

The three quilt layers are basted together with large,
easy to remove stitches in a contrasting thread color

.005 cents per square Inch

Minimum Charge for Quilting


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Hand Sewn Binding

The binding is machine sewn to the front of the quilt and hand sewn to the back

20 cents per linear Inch

One Side Machine Binding

The binding is machine sewn to the front of the quilt so you can do the hand sewing to the back

10 cents per linear Inch

Two Sided Machine Binding

The binding is machine sewn to the front of the quilt and back of the quilt

15 cents per linear Inch


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Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Batting in Natural is $8.00 a yard

If you need white or black batting or have a quilt larger than 96 inches
or prefer another type of batting
the cost will be the actual price of packaged batting


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I do not carry backing fabric but will purchase the fabric
you need at fabric cost


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Miscellaneous Charges


Wall Hanging Sleeve

25 cents per linear Inch


If the quilt must be turned to complete the border on all four sides



Quilting Prep Fee
This includes pressing the quilt top or backing, trimming
excessive threads from the quilt top, or any seam repair

$10.00 per quilt

Backing Fabric
If the supplied backing fabric must be seamed before quilting
To piece the backing correctly it usually requires sewing two seams

$5.00 per seam

Rush Charge
When the quilt must be done in less than one week


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T-Shirt Quilt

$10 per shirt design plus the cost of fabric, batting and quilting.
If both the front and back of the shirt are used,
it is counted as two designs. 
The price per design includes an iron-on interfacing that
is used to stabilize the shirt plus the construction time


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All the prices are valid as of March 1, 2016
and subject to change without notice

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